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scripts to test OCaml compiler changes on the whole OPAM repository
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The purpose of opamcheck is to automate the task of checking experimental/development versions of the OCaml compilers on a bunch of OPAM packages.

To this end, we run opam in a loop, trying to install all the (available) packages one after the other.

In order to get deterministic behavior, opam is isolated from the network by a sandbox, composed of:

  • a clone of opam-repository
  • a special wrapper around curl that caches all download results

This new version is still under construction. Its driver is an OCaml program instead of a bunch of bash and awk scripts.


After cloning the repository, you need to

  • install minisat and opam-file-format

  • (optional) install all external dependencies with sh

  • clone the opam-repository in sandbox

  • clone the ocaml-beta-repository in sandbox/opam-repository/packages

  • link the system curl to sandbox/bin/realcurl

  • link the dune-built executable to opamcheck

  • launch opamcheck after setting up OPCSANDBOX and PATH, e.g. ./src/launch 4.03 4.06 4.09.0+beta1

  • Current status is displayed on sandbox/status, use "tail -f sandbox/status" to display it if needed.

Running with docker

Another option to run opamcheck is to use the docker image octachron/opamcheck with

docker pull octachron/opamcheck

Then opamcheck can be launched with

docker run -v logdir:/app/log -p 8080:80 --name opamcheck  opamcheck run -online-summary=10 4.07.0 4.08.1 4.10.0+trunk

Here, logdir is the name of docker volume where the logs and summary are stored. The list 4.07.0 4.08.1 4.09.0 is the list of compiler being tested. The last one should be the newest one. The online-summary set the period at which the html summary of the run is rebuilt. This summary is then available at localhost:8080 where 8080 is the port fixed by the flag -p 80:8080.

  • Current status is also available at /var/lib/docker/volumes/logdir/_data/status It can be displayed with:
sudo tail -f /var/lib/docker/volumes/logdir/_data/status

PR and branch mode

If you want to test a specific PR against trunk, the run command above can be updated to:

docker run -p 8080:80 -v prN:/app/log --name opamcheck_prN opamcheck prmode -online-summary=10 -pr N 4.10.0+trunk

if the PR was made against 4.10.0+trunk. Note that if you run a PR against a non-trunk compiler

docker run -p 80:8080 -v prN:/app/log --name opamcheck_prN -it opamcheck prmode -pr N 4.07.1

opamcheck tries to rebase the PR on the corresponding version of the compiler (i.e. 4.07.1 in this example).

If you would rather test a branch on a distinct repository, you can run

docker run -v branchlog:/app/log -p 80:8080 --name opamcheck_prN -it opamcheck prmode -branch="https://somewhere./name.git,branch" 4.07.1

Building the docker image

The docker image can be build with

make docker

This takes a lot of time and space by installing all external dependencies of every opam packages.

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