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Timing Files

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@Octal450 Octal450 released this 08 Jun 15:38

J-Runner with Extras:

Repository of my compiled RGH timing files
Files may be updated periodically; you can see the upload date to the right of each file


  • Uses EXT_CLK point for slowdown
  • Xenon and Zephyr
  • First stable exploit for Xenon/Zephyr!
  • Matrix/Coolrunner and X360ACE/DGX

Project Mufas:

  • Replacement firmware for Muffin with support for SMC+ acceleration
  • Trinity and Corona
  • Matrix/Coolrunner

RGH1.2 V2:

  • Instant boots for Phat AND Slim, and improved stability from the old firmware
  • Falcon, Jasper, Trinity, and Corona
  • First instaboot exploit for Trinity/Corona!
  • Matrix/Coolrunner, 360Squirt, X360ACE/DGX
  • Dualnand controller support only on X360ACE/DGX


  • Improved versions of the old firmware
  • Trinity and Corona
  • X360ACE/DGX
  • Dualnand controller support

XDKbuild Timings:

  • Tweaked timings compatible with the XDKbuild firmware.

See my profile for available source code