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Latest commit 4c78d4a Jan 11, 2017 @josephfrazier josephfrazier committed with stefanbuck package.json: Add `chrome-open` script (#247)
Like the `firefox-open` script, this builds and loads the extension into
an isolated instance of Chrome, using [chrome-launch]. This has a couple
of benefits:

1. New developers can get up-and-running faster
2. It's easier to test Chrome without any other user settings

One caveat so far is that Chrome opens in the background rather than the
foreground, but this is alleviated by printing a message out informing
the developer.

[chrome-launch]: https://github.com/hughsk/chrome-launch


What is OctoLinker? Build Status Windows Build Status

First of all, it's a browser extension. Once installed, it allows you to navigate through projects on GitHub.com efficiently.

Most projects consist of many files and third party dependencies. Files are referencing other files and / or dependencies by language specific statements like include or require. Dependencies are most likely declared in a file called manifest e.g. package.json or Gemfile. The OctoLinker browser extensions makes these references clickable. No more copy and search.


Install OctoLinker from Chrome Web Store, Mozilla Add-ons Store or Opera Add-ons Store.


OctoLinker is the easiest and best way to navigate between files and projects on GitHub.com. Files containing the following keywords will now have links that redirect you either to the relative file or to the projects GitHub page. Depending on the value, it may redirect you to an external website like a manual page or another service.

bower.json (Bower)

  • main
  • dependencies
  • devDependencies
  • resolutions

composer.json (Composer)

  • require
  • require-dev
  • conflict
  • replace
  • provide
  • suggest

Dockerfile (Docker)

  • FROM


  • depends_on
  • conflicts_with
  • depends_on cask
  • depends_on formula

JavaScript / NodeJS

  • require
  • import
  • export

package.json (npm)

  • main
  • bin
  • browser
  • dependencies
  • devDependencies
  • resolutions
  • peerDependencies
  • optionalDependencies
  • types and typings


  • import
  • from


  • require


  • gem


  • extern crate
  • use


  • import
  • <reference path="" />


  • Bundle
  • NeoBundle
  • NeoBundleFetch
  • NeoBundleLazy

project.json (.NET Core)

  • dependencies
  • tools

Want to contribute?

Anyone can help make this project better - check out the Contributing guide!

Feedback please

If you encounter a problem using OctoLinker, or would like to request an enhancement, feel free to create an issue or say hello @OctoLinker on twitter.


  • My girlfriend for being so patient with me!
  • @josephfrazier_ for his awesome contributions to this project!
  • art-noir.net for the awesome mascot and website!
  • @kkamilio and @WolnyAdrian for teaching me how Ruby works!
  • @TheeApeman for code review!
  • Every early OctoLinker user, which contributed to OctoLinker by writing issues or PRs!
  • Everyone I forgot to mention here, but also influenced OctoLinker!


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Legal and License

The OctoLinker project is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by github, inc.

Copyright (c) 2014–present Stefan Buck Licensed under the MIT license.