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Collects Operating System performance metrics and exposes them through JMX.
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JMX Metrics Agent

The JMX Metrics Agent uses Hyperic Sigar and PDH to exposes Operating System key performance metrics using JMX. Sigar is uses for Linux and PDH for Windows. The following metrics are available: (non-exhaustive)

  • CPU usage,
  • Network Interfaces usage,
  • Hard disk drives usage,
  • Per Process metrics (CPU, Mem...),
  • TCP metrics,
  • and Memory (RAM, Swap) usage.

Windows users can also monitor the following servers metrics:

  • Microsoft SQL Server,
  • Microsoft IIS.


The JMX Agent is a java application which requires a Java Runtime Environment.


To run the JMX Metrics Agent:

  • Download latest version from Releases,
  • Place it in a folder writeable by your user (Example: Documents on Windows),
  • Run via command line: java -jar metrics-agent-X.x.x.jar, Replace X.x.x by the version, and HOSTNAME by the hostname of your machine.

The metrics agent takes a few seconds to start. It create a "native" folder in the location where its being run. The "native" folder contains DLLs and SOs to query operating system metrics.

Host, Port and Firewalls

Agent host (or IP) must be specified. Specify the IP or the hostname of the machine where the agent is running:

java ... -jar metrics-agent-X.x.x.jar

The agent exposes the JMX beans on port 1099. This port can be changed by specifying the JMX RMI port on startup:

java ... -Djmx.rmi.port=9004 -jar metrics-agent-X.x.x.jar

In the example above, the agent starts the JMX beans server on port 9004.

Metrics Exposed

The agent exposes the following JMX Domains:

  • Sigar on Linux systems,
  • Windows and SQLServer on Windows.

Build from sources

Run the following command at the root of the project:

mvn clean package

The executable JAR file is built in metrics-agent/target folder.


Pull requests are welcome if you would like to add additional metrics.

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