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HEADS-UP: Needs OctoPrint 1.2.4 or later!

OctoPrint Pushbullet Plugin

This is an OctoPrint Plugin that adds support for Pushbullet notifications to OctoPrint.

At the current state OctoPrint will send a notification when a print job finishes. If a webcam is available, an image of the print result will be captured and included in the notification.

Configuration Dialog

Example Push Notification


Install via the bundled Plugin Manager or manually using this URL:



The only thing that absolutely needs to be configured is the Access Token necessary to access Pushbullet's API. You can find this in you Pushbullet Account Settings under "Access Token". Copy and paste the value there into the "Access Token" input field in the configuration dialog of the Pushbullet plugin.

By manually editing config.yaml it is also possible to adjust the text of the message that will be sent in the notification.

    # Pushbullet Access Token for your account
    access_token: your_access_token

    # message to send when a print is done
    # available placeholders:
    # - file: name of the file that was printed
    # - elapsed_time: duration of the print in HH:mm:ss format
      # title of the notification
      title: 'Print job finished'

      # body of the notification
      body: '{file} finished printing in {elapsed_time}'