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# coding=utf-8
from __future__ import absolute_import
import octoprint.plugin
class DummyMobileUiPlugin(octoprint.plugin.UiPlugin,
def will_handle_ui(self, request):
# returns True if the User Agent sent by the client matches one of
# the User Agent strings known for any of the platforms android, ipad
# or iphone
return request.user_agent and \
request.user_agent.platform in ("android", "ipad", "iphone")
def on_ui_render(self, now, request, render_kwargs):
# if will_handle_ui returned True, we will now render our custom index
# template, using the render_kwargs as provided by OctoPrint
from flask import make_response, render_template
return make_response(render_template("dummy_mobile_ui_index.jinja2",
__plugin_name__ = "Dummy Mobile UI"
__plugin_implementation__ = DummyMobileUiPlugin()