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N64 Raw Graphics Tool
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N64 Raw Graphics Tool

A tool to export and import uncompressed (a.k.a. "raw") graphics from Nintendo 64 games.


Download for Windows. (Also available for 64-bit Windows.)


It has built-in help, so look at that to see an explanation of all the parameters. As an example, the following command exports the cactus from an extended Super Mario 64 ROM.

n64rawgfx -m export -r "Super Mario 64.ext.z64" -b cactus.bmp -f RGBA -d 16 -a 0xcdbbd1 -x 32 -y 32

Importing is similar, except the image dimensions are automatically read from the BMP file. The following command replaces the coins with cacti.

n64rawgfx -m import -r "Super Mario 64.ext.z64" -b cactus.bmp -f IA -d 16 -a 0xAB7B8C

If you don't specify the BMP filename during import or export, the address (padded to eight digits) will be used as the filename.

Export Formats

The following formats can be exported:

  • RGBA (16-bit, 32-bit)
  • CI (4-bit, 8-bit)
  • IA (4-bit, 8-bit, 16-bit)
  • I (4-bit, 8-bit)

The output file will be a 32-bit BMP file with an alpha channel.

Import Formats

The following formats can be imported:

  • RGBA (16-bit, 32-bit)
  • IA (4-bit, 8-bit, 16-bit)
  • I (4-bit, 8-bit)

The input file must be a 32-bit BMP file.

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