How to contribute?

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With this page, you will learn how to contribute code to the SEBLOD core.

Before starting the tutorial you should:

Go to the Octopoos/SEBLOD repository, and create a fork (image 1). Choose where you want to fork it (image 2), and then clone it (image 3). Click on "Open in Desktop" (image 4). You should save it into your localhost (in this tutorial, we use Wamp, so we choose the "www" folder).

image 1 image 1 : Create a fork

image 2 image 2 : The place where to fork

image 3 image 3 : Clone the repository (from your fork and NOT from the initial repository)

image 4 image 4 : "Open in desktop"

image 5 image 5 : "SEBLOD" has appeared

Now, download the latest version of Joomla! from, unzip it and paste all files into the SEBLOD folder (of your localhost). And make a fresh install of Joomla! (image 6)

image 6 image 6 : Install Joomla!

After installation, and authentication on the back-end, go to "Extensions > Manage > Discover". Select all items and click on "Install". Side note: ...

image 7

Come back to your github desktop application and create a new branch. Every future modifications will be noticed there (image 8).

image 8 image 8 : Create a new branch

When you've done all your modifications, come back again into your github desktop application and give a summary to your modifications (image 9). Validate it and then create a pull request. Don't forget to change the request destination to "Octopoos/Seblod" into the pull request window (red underline blue words on the image 10). Once you validate it, it's done, you've finished your contribution (image 10) !

image 9 image 9 : Give a summary

image 10 image 10 : Create a pull request

The pull request is over. For every new modifications, create a new fork before a commit. You will be able to do new pull request.