Octo.exe command line tool and Octopus.Client for commanding Octopus servers
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This repository contains the command line tool (Octo.exe) and .NET Client Library (Octopus.Client) for Octopus Deploy, an automated deployment server for professional .NET developers. You can use them to create and deploy releases, create and push packages, and manage environments.

Octo.exe can be downloaded from the Octopus downloads page, while Octopus.Client is available on nuget.org



Please see Contributing


You need:

  • VSCode or Visual Studio 15.3 to compile the solution
  • dotnet core 2.0-preview1 SDK

Run Build.cmd to build, test and package the project. Do this before pushing as it will run the surface area tests as well, which require approval on almost every change.

To release to Nuget, tag master with the next major, minor or patch number, TeamCity will do the rest. Kick off the Release: OctopusClients to Octopus3 build again if any of the dependencies fail.

Every successful TeamCity build for all branches will be pushed to MyGet.


See the Compatibility page in our docs

Async, Versioning and Compatibility

See the Octopus.Client goes Open Source blog post