Octo.exe command line tool and Octopus.Client for commanding Octopus servers
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This repository contains the command line tool (Octo.exe) and .NET Client Library (Octopus.Client) for Octopus Deploy, an automated deployment server for professional .NET developers. You can use them to create and deploy releases, create and push packages, and manage environments.

Octo.exe can be downloaded from the Octopus downloads page, while Octopus.Client is available on nuget.org



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  • Octopus Server 3.0-3.2 use Octopus Client 3.0-3.2 (newer is better)
  • Octopus Server 3.3 use Octopus Client 3.3 or newer release notes
  • Octopus Server 3.4 use Octopus Client 3.4 or newer release notes


As of 3.5.0 we started using semantic versioning]6 for the client library, breaking away from the practice of syncing the version to Octopus Server.

The semantic versioning applies to the command line interface of Octo.exe and the public api exposed by Octopus.Client. The minor version will be increased on feature additions, and major on breaking changes.


As of Version 4, network operations in Octopus.Client will be async. We will continue to support version 3 for some time once version 4 is released, but may not add all new features.