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FotF & Perilous Winds generator

In-game entities generator for "Perilous Winds" RPG Ruleset

Data file format

File should be written in JSON format and placed under /data directory

    // REQUIRED - inner identificator, used in entity path,
    // can be omitted only when you generate entity by outer link or by "static" field
    // only lowercase latin characters, digits and underscore symbol
    "tag": "entity_tag",
    // If set - used as generated entity title, if not - tag is used
    // Support html tags
    "title" : "Entity Title",
    // Description for entity, displayed at generated output
    // Support html tags
    "description": "Some long text here" 
    // Hint for pop-up near entity name
    // Can be any text, or hardcocer shortcuts :
    // $diceHint (hint to use dice formula field)
    // $modifierHint (hint to use modifier field)
    "hint": "Use it wisely",
    // If set and set as true - this entity will be hidden from entity tree even if it has children
    "hide" : true,
     // If set and set as true - this entity will be displayed in entity tree even if it has no children
    "force_show": false
    // dice formula, used for getting value for variants generation
    "dice": "d12+1",
    // If set as true, modified from field MOD will be applied to dice formula AFTER roll
    "use_modifier"; true,
    // If set, dice formula from Roll field will be used instead of formula from "dice"
    "use_custom_dice" : true,
    // Static value to be returned instead of generation with dice
    "static": "Always one value",
    // If set, number will be rolled and returned
    // can be dice formula, integer or "$dice" (for using user-provided dice formula)
    "roll_result": "2d4+5",
    // Array of entity variants for generation. 
    // all entities lower that top-levelcan have additional fields
    // Counts as children
    "variants": [
        "tag": "variant_tag",
        "title": "Variant Tag",
        // minimal value on dice for this variant
        "min": 2,
        // maximal value on dice for this variant
        "max": 13,
        // Path to other entity. 
        // If set, instead of generating this entity, other entity fill be found and generated.
        // Used for gemerate similar entities in different places
        Can be path string or array with custom dice formula
        "generate_outer": "outer_entity_tag",
        "generate_outer": ["outer_entity_tag", "2d6+3"],
        // Variant of next-level entity and etc.
        "variants": [],
    // Array of entities, that will not be generated automatically, 
    // but can be used to direct generation by path. 
    // Counts as children
    "dictionaries": [
    // Array of links or entties, that shoud be generated alongside with variant
    "additional": [
            "tag": "more_complex_entity",
            "static": "you can write any common entity here"
    // Custom title for Additional section in output
    // Default as "Additional:"
    "additionalTitle": "Some props:"
    // DEPRECATED - another array, similar to adiitional, 
    // use entitiy with repeat at "additional" instead
    "optional": [
    // Array of entities, that return plain strings, that will bw concatenated in one string
    // mainly used for generation of complex names for locations
    "template": [
            "static": "The"
            "generate_outer": "dungeon.name_place"
    // If set and entity is part of template - concatenate entity as part of previous word
    "concatenate": true
    // If set, entity will be generated multiple times, 
    // can be dice formula, integer or "$dice" (for using user-provided dice formula)
    "repeat": "2d3",
    // Array of varialbles, currently can be used only to create dynamic paths
    // Each variable name must start with "$" symbol
    "vars": {
        "$some_var_name": "some_var_value",
        // System recognizable vars
        "$rollResultMultiply": "0.25" // multiplies next roll_result value, must be Number
        "$diceResultAdd": 2 // add value to next dice roll result, must be integer
    // Set dice formula for this generation sequence
    "forceDiceRoller": "2d3"

Dice formula

Engine can use dice formula by provided format.


x - number of dice rolled
y - number of dice sides
z - static modifier, that is added to roll result
a - static modifier, by which roll result will be multiplied (ATFER adding z)

Notice, that ALL parts of formula are arbitrary and minimal formula is one number (in that case, that number will be always returned as rolled value).

All of variants are valid:


Entity path

Engine will search entities by link in "variants" and "dictionaries" sections by their tags. Links must be provided in string format, composed of tags, separated by dot


Entities can be stored on infinite depth, so entity path can be eny length.


In-game entities generator for various PtbA-based RPG Rulesets




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