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Using sphinx-git

Currently, sphinx-git provides two extensions to Sphinx: the git_changelog and git_commit_detail directives.

git_changelog Directive

The git_changelog directive produces a list of commits in the repository in which the documentation build is happening.

By default, it will output the most recent 10 commits. So:

.. git_changelog::


As you can see, each revision has the message, author and date output in a list. If a commit has a detailed message (i.e. any part of the commit message that is not on the first line), that will be output below the list item for that commit.

Changing Number of Revisions in Output

If you want to change the number of revisions output by git_changelog, then you can specify the :revisions: argument. So:

.. git_changelog::
    :revisions: 2


If you specify more revisions than the history contains, all revisions in the history will be displayed.

Specifying Range of Revisions to Output

If you want even more control over the output of git_changelog, then you can specify precisely the revisions you want included using the :rev-list: argument. So:

.. git_changelog::
    :rev-list: v3..v4

produces a list of all the commits between the v3 and v4 tags:


.. git_changelog::
    :rev-list: v1

gives you a list of all commits up to the v1 tag (most of which involved me wrestling with setuptools):

:rev-list: lets you specify revisions using anything that git rev-parse will accept. See the man page for details.


The :revisions: argument and the :rev-list: argument don't play nicely together. :rev-list: will always take precedence, and all commits specified by the revision specification be output regardless of the :revisions: argument [1].

Sphinx will output a warning if you specify both.

Filter Revisons to Matching Only Certain Files Based on Filenames

If you only want to see the changelog regarding certain files (eg. for devops reasons you need to have both SaSS and CSS in your repository or you only want to see the changes made to the docs directory) you can use the :filename_filter: argument with git_changelog. :filename_filter: is expecting anything that can be evaluated as a regular expression. So:

.. git_changelog::
    :filename_filter: doc/.*\.rst

will produce the list of commits that modified documentation content.


The :filename_filter: argument is compatible with both :revisions: and :rev-list:. Filtering on filenames is then performed on the selected (number of) revisions.

Preformatted Output for Detailed Messages

If you would prefer for the detailed commit messages to be output as preformatted text (e.g. if you include code samples in your commit messages), then you can specify this preference using the :detailed-message-pre: argument. So:

.. git_changelog::
    :rev-list: 3669419^..3669419
    :detailed-message-pre: True



[1]:doc:`Patches welcome! <contributing>`

git_commit_detail Directive

The git_commit_detail directive produces information about the current commit in the repository against which the documentation is being built. The following options are available:

Display the branch name.
Display the commit hash.
Set the number of characters of the hash to display.
By default, if the repository's origin remote is GitHub, the commit will link to the GitHub page for the commit. Use this option to disable this.
Show a warning if there are uncommitted changes in the repository.
Show a warning if there are untracked files in the repository directory.

For example:

.. git_commit_detail::
    :sha_length: 10