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Performance Issues #4

OdeToCode opened this Issue · 4 comments

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  1. FlexRoleProvider::DeleteRole uses _roleStore.GetUsersInRole(roleName).Any().
    Will be painful when the number of users in the system is large.

  2. FlexRoleProvider::IsUserInRoll uses GetUsersInRole(roleName).Any(...) - same potential problem.

@OdeToCode OdeToCode was assigned

Maybe the Future() feature of will help on the EF side.


Thanks - I will take a look.


I don't think it makes sense to put the ICollection Users property on the IFlexRole interface because in a document world it makes much more sense to store the roles that a user belongs to in the user document. If we remove that property from IFlexRole and just use the GetRolesForUser call to get a list of roles for a specific user, it will be up to the store on how to persist role membership.

I am kind of thinking that it would be better to just merge IFlexUserStore and IFlexRoleStore into a single IFlexMembershipStore and let the provider make the decisions on how it stores things.



Eric: Yes, I think that idea has some merit. Will try to investigate this week.

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