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TypeScript framework for creating enterprise-grade (web) applications with simple and minimalistic API, that allows you to focus on business logic. Based on declarative and imperative programming, inspiried by ASP.NET / Spring.

Odi provides feature set for creation of easy supportable and scalable web applications.

Features Overview:

  • MVC
  • Full-typed DI / IoT
  • Authentication
  • WebSockets
  • TypeORM integration
  • GraphQL
  • GRPC
  • CLI
  • AOP
  • SSR

For future updates check Roadmap

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import { Controller, IController, Post, Get, Autowired } from "odi";
import { TodoService } from "./todo.service";
import { TodoDTO } from "./todo.dto";

export class TodoController extends IController {

   todoService: TodoService;

   @Get index() {
       return `Hello, ${this.request.ip}`;

   @Post async save(toDo: TodoDTO) {
   @Get async '/:id' (id: string) {
       const todo = await this.todoService.find(id);
         throw NotFound;
       return todo;