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Repo for bringing together the required libraries to use the Banggood CJMCU-8128 multi sensor breakout board
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CJMCU-8128 Module Breakout

The CJMCU-8128 is a small breakout board available at or Aliexpress. It comes with 3 main sensors onboard including:

  • BMP280 - pressure & temperature
  • HDC10XX - humidity & temperature
  • CCS811 - CO2 & Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) index

The breakout board communicates using i2c and therefore all sensors can be accesssed via that protocol simply by connecting up the SDA, SCL, VCC and GND pins on the sensor.

Getting Started

Each of the included submodules in this repo caters to one of the included submodules on the board. By cloning the rpeo and submodules then checking each submodule you wiulkl find example code to test each section fo the board.

An example script is alos provided in the root of the project which combines the 3 libraries into one.


Python 2.7+

Running the tests

No tests are provided iun thre root project but you may find tests for each sensor in their respective libraries along with examples of their use.

Included Libraries

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