Simple text parsing in Fortran 77
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Use BN to specify that trailing spaces are ignored when reading numeric
values from internal files. This was driven by behavior on the VAX.
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Simple Text Parsing in Fortran 77

This file contains a set of Fortran 77 routines that are useful for parsing free format text. While Fortran 77 is obsolete, there is still a lot of legacy code floating around. These routines are useful in cases where the legacy code cannot be updated to a more recent version of Fortran. If you are on Windows, the Open Watcom Fortran compiler is a good choice for a free compiler.

integer function eof (unit)

eof positions the unit at the end of the file so that subsequent writes are appended to end. The return value is the iostat of the last file operation.

integer function begpos (string)

begpos returns the beginning position of the string.

integer function endpos (string)

endpos returns the end position of the string. This may be less than len(string) and is the position of the last non-space character.

subroutine trim77 (string)

trim77 modifies the string to remove all leading spaces.

subroutine split (field, string, delmtr, greedy)

split splits the string on the first delimiter, delmtr. The first field is returned in field and removed from string. The delimiter can be multiple characters. If greedy is true, repeated delimiters are skipped. Otherwise, empty fields are returned.

logical function is_int (field)

is_int returns true if the field is comprised of an integer.

integer function atoi (field)

atoi returns an integer from a character field.

logical function isreal (field)

isreal returns true if the field is comprised of a real number.

real function ator (field)

ator returns a real value from a character field.

logical function is_dbl (field)

is_dbl returns true if the field is comprised of a double precision number.

real function atod (field)

atod returns a double precision value from a character field.

integer function txtios ()

txtios returns the IO status, IOSTAT, of the last function. Applicable to is_int, atoi, isreal, ator, is_dbl, and atod.

subroutine ascii ()

ascii prints the ASCII collating sequence table to standard output.