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Thomas M. Hermann Converted the Vector and Matrix Product section. Aug 17, 2012 a44cdd4
Thomas M. Hermann Converted the Vector and Matrix Subtraction section. Aug 17, 2012 fa2afc1
Thomas M. Hermann Converted the Vector and Matrix addition section. Aug 17, 2012 539f61e
Thomas M. Hermann Converted the Vector and Matrix scaling section. Aug 17, 2012 5f869be
Thomas M. Hermann Converted the Vector and Matrix permutation section. Aug 17, 2012 cf1f28c
@ThomasHermann ThomasHermann Remove all AMS math symbols and miscellaneous typos. Aug 17, 2012 4700afb
Thomas M. Hermann Translate the vector and matrix transpose section. Aug 17, 2012 e14cfd7
Thomas M. Hermann Replace all custom macros with explicit math macros. Aug 17, 2012 868ec95
@ThomasHermann ThomasHermann Clean up typos in the Vector and Matrix norm section. Aug 17, 2012 b9749ab
Thomas M. Hermann Translate the Vector and Matrix Norms section. Aug 17, 2012 7da0146
@ThomasHermann ThomasHermann Arrange the text by generic function signature, description, and equations. Aug 17, 2012 6326ada
@ThomasHermann ThomasHermann Remove inline equations until MathJax support improves. Aug 17, 2012 4c9c5b3
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Thomas M. Hermann Replace align with array. Aug 17, 2012 3a96b17
Thomas M. Hermann Escape the ampersand. Aug 17, 2012 bc5efbb
Thomas M. Hermann Use the \[ delimiter instead of $$. Aug 17, 2012 b92f23f
Thomas M. Hermann MathJax test. Aug 17, 2012 368727d
Thomas M. Hermann Wiki page documenting the fundamental operations. Aug 17, 2012 c91adbc
@ThomasHermann ThomasHermann Updated Introduction (markdown) Aug 17, 2012 eba055d
Thomas M. Hermann Change the Home page to Introduction. Aug 17, 2012 f3c629f
Thomas M. Hermann Completion of the introduction. Aug 17, 2012 cceabd7
Thomas M. Hermann Opening paragraph and motivation section. Aug 17, 2012 1427ad2
Thomas M. Hermann Translated the opening paragrah of the introduction. Aug 9, 2012 4e0f1f5
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