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Thomas M. Hermann Acknowledgment for Jim Newton Jan 9, 2016 0b1866f
@ThomasHermann ThomasHermann Clarification of `assert-prints` to close issue #25 by appleby Sep 7, 2014 2620356
@ThomasHermann ThomasHermann Correct poor wording concerning the poor reporting. Apr 24, 2013 e1fde65
Thomas M. Hermann Version 0.9.5 documentation. Mar 18, 2013 6994db2
Thomas M. Hermann Add Chris Riesbeck to the acknowledgments. Feb 21, 2013 425a12a
@ThomasHermann ThomasHermann More typos Feb 10, 2013 9770965
Thomas M. Hermann Typos Feb 10, 2013 8a02237
Thomas M. Hermann TAP extension and 0.9.4 documentation updates. - Signalling - Acknowledgements Feb 10, 2013 6a51385
Thomas M. Hermann Documentation for Version 0.9.3. Dec 14, 2012 84b0954
@ThomasHermann ThomasHermann Correctly indicate that the package is mandatory for run-all-tests in the original interface. Oct 15, 2012 307cd80
@ThomasHermann ThomasHermann Move the comparison table after the first paragraph. Oct 14, 2012 c92473c
@ThomasHermann ThomasHermann Simplified interface link typo. Oct 14, 2012 0f15acf
Thomas M. Hermann Link the simplified interface page from the Home page. Oct 14, 2012 30f5d03
Thomas M. Hermann Explain how the simplified interface complements the test reports. Oct 14, 2012 3f00ee2
Thomas M. Hermann Update getter names. Oct 14, 2012 db9c569
Thomas M. Hermann Documentation for test tags. Oct 10, 2012 ca0886d
@ThomasHermann ThomasHermann Link the reference page and expand the title. Oct 10, 2012 8ab1692
Thomas M. Hermann Move description of the print parameters under the results section. Oct 10, 2012 462b42a
Thomas M. Hermann Reference entries for get-tests and get-test-code. Oct 10, 2012 3b814f9
Thomas M. Hermann Remove emphasis on the :ALL keyword in the interface description. Oct 10, 2012 74f7746
Thomas M. Hermann Link to the floating point extensions page in Home. Oct 10, 2012 cb2408a
Thomas M. Hermann A description of the difference between the original and simplified interface. Oct 10, 2012 e539332
Thomas M. Hermann Correctly describe run-tests as a function. Oct 10, 2012 09815a3
Thomas M. Hermann Create a separate page for the floating point extensions. Oct 10, 2012 b37d9ab
@ThomasHermann ThomasHermann Typo Oct 7, 2012 efb0a71
@ThomasHermann ThomasHermann Add a link to the reference page. Oct 7, 2012 d8b49e0
@ThomasHermann ThomasHermann Show explicit examples of (remove-tests :all) and (run-tests :all). Oct 7, 2012 ae8b3bc
@ThomasHermann ThomasHermann Correct the syntax in the first call to (run-tests '(my-sqrt)). Oct 7, 2012 ede3610
Thomas M. Hermann Update the referenc page to reflect the new interface. Oct 7, 2012 f0f5069
Thomas M. Hermann Update home to reflect the new interface and output. Oct 7, 2012 1cc8f14
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