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Web Interface for the Dataverse Trusted Remote Storage Agent



Testing the Docker image

To stand up a test deployment:

	$ docker pull odumunc/trsa-web:2.0

	$ docker run --name trsa-web -p 8080:8080 --restart unless-stopped odumunc/trsa-web:2.0

Then use a web browser to visit the container’s IP:

	$ links

Building your Docker container

To build your own Docker container:

  • Edit trsa.config to suit your needs, then docker build with your desired name and tag.

Version 3 and after : how to build a docker image and run its container

Major changes

  • The official Payara sever-full image (JDK-11 version) is used as the base image; this implies the user is payara, not root.

  • The file storage directory was changed to /opt/payara/trsa/files from /trsa/files.

  • The context root no longer has a version-tag segment: /trsa-web not /trsa-web-2.0 .

  • Each version has its own dockerfile and its corresponding trsa.config file

    • for version 3.0, its dockerfile = v3.dockerfile and its trsa.config file = v3.trsa.config *


web-interface for the Trusted Remote Storage Agent (TRSA)




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