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PA Cannabis Guide

The Guide is designed to meet modern web standards, be lightweight, and be easily accessible. Anyone can suggest improvements or contribute to its success through Github.


The Guide is built upon three philosophies:

  • Open source
  • Science based medicine
  • Individual liberty

Open Source

The Guide is built using open source tools and services, primarily Vue and VuePress. The tools we create for the site will be made available for others to use.

Science Based Medicine

The Guide will take a science based approach to what we promote. The cannabis indusry has been tied, implicitly or explicitly, to pseudoscientific beliefs and practices. It's the duty of contributors to rectify this misconception.

The U.S.'s federal prohabition of cannabis has prevented much research into cannabis. There has been organized efforts in misinforming the public and this project is seeking to rectify this deficiency.

Individual Liberty

The Guide's ultimate purpose is to liberate the public from the bonds of ignorance. Pennsylvania's government has done a poor job of protecting our rights. This Guide seeks to correct it through education.

How to Contribute

Most contributions are done through the Github repository. Follow our progress on the projects page.

Edit existing pages

In order to contribute content you will need a Github account.

Navigate to our repository. Either watch or star or both to keep up to date with changes.

While browsing the guide, click "Help us improve this page!" link at the bottom of the page. You'll be brought to a page that is markdown editable.

Once finished, you may commit your changes as a new branch for review.

Submit Features, Issues, Service Requests

Below is a template you can use to submit issues to the projects Github repository.

    Github Issue Template
Url: <!-- Replace with full URL -->

Issue Type: 
<!-- Delete Non Applicable tabs -->
- bug
- feature
- service request

**TLDR Description:** 
<!-- Quick overview of the issue. Should sum up the task. Write below this line. -->

**Full Description:** 
<!-- The full task description if the TLDR doesn't adiquately cover the request. Write below this line.-->

Supporting the Guide

Supporting ofLiberty on Patreon is the most direct way of keeping this project afloat.


We're developing tools that users, patients, and doctors can use. These tools are being made open source so that other developers may build upon them.







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