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Python development made quikr. Less Googling, more programming.
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Quikr is a Python module made to simplify the programming workflow with short, easily memorable aliases for many common functions. Less code, less Googling, less syntax checking, more programming.

Quikr is designed to be easily approachable for everyone. However, if it doesn't quite fit your style, feel free to modify it however you like.

How to Use

Until Quikr is added to PyPI (I'll get around to it eventually), this is the current installation process.

  • Download the file.
  • Place it in the same directory as the file you're calling Quikr from. This is likely your project's root directory.
  • Add an import line to your code. It's recommended to use an alias. import quikr as q
  • Happy coding!

The documentation for Quikr can be found on the Wiki tab of the GitHub repository.


We don't have a whole lot of time to work on this project, but if you like what we're doing here and want to help, we will gladly accept contributions. Assuming you've never contributed to a project before, here are the steps:

  1. Fork and clone this repository.
  2. Make your changes.
  3. Submit a pull request.

Quikr is licensed and developed under the GNU GPL v3 license. Created by W. Reilly Moore.

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