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A simple esoteric programming language
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Relativ - a simple esoteric programming language (v1.1.5)

Relativ only outputs text. Sure, it's practically useless, but that's the point.

Here's how it works:

  • There are only 3 functions: "+", "-", and "=".
  • All your code is written in one consecutive line.
  • "+" adds 1 to a variable, and "-" subtracts 1.
  • "=" outputs the ASCII character corresponding to the current value of the variable. (Cheat Sheet)
  • Press ENTER to run your program in the interpreter.
  • If you want to clear the shell, enter and run "clear" by itself.

Things to note:

  • The starting value is 0.
  • The value is NOT reset to 0 following an output.

Things I might implement to make this slightly less useless:

  • Logic statements
  • Arithmetic

"Hello world!" Example:

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