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Which formats are supported?

Supported formats are jpg, jpeg, mp3, 3gp, and png files. Other formats are not tested yet. MP4 and 3gp support is only available, when ffmepg or avconv are installed.

The first start is really slow

If you start the plugin the first time, there are no thumbnails available. They are generated in the first call. The next call should be fester. However you can try to experiment with $config['thumbs_pr_page'] to display a few less images on the page if it takes a to long time. Or when your server is fast enough, you can raise the picture count. But please be aware, that every picture is at least one HTTP request and some SQL query's. See this as a small warning, to not display to many pictures to to prevent timeouts.

Can i do anything against generating thumbnail's only by visit the picture first?

Yes, you can. I have written a file maintain.php. I recommend to run this script before your first visit to the gallery. It is designed as a PHP-CLI-Script. To the nature of this scripts, they don't have any timeout issues and can run a very long time. This script generates thumbnails for ALL users in Roundcube. There are 3 options for this script: "add", "clean" and "all". With "add" you can only add new thumbnails. "clean" will remove orphaned thumbnails and "all" is a combination of both options. Additionally to the initial run, you can set this script as a cronjob, to let it maintain your gallery in a more regular schedule. Since i sync all my smartphone pictures at night, when the phone load the battery, i let it run once a day. It's up to you, but please be aware, that you should run it as the webserver user (www-data in most cases) and under no circumstances as root!

Can i share my photos?

No. This ins't planned yet. Sure, the gallery looks like a OneDrive or Google Photos clone, but that's not the goal of this plugin. But when you will code it yourself, your changes are very welcome as pull request.

Some folders/album have no thumbnail. Why?

Only when a folder has images in it, they are used as a thumbnail. If a folder has no images, no thumbnails can be created. A folder with only some sub-folders as content, does not have images and as such no thumbnails can be generated. For a folder thumbnail, the latest image by date (EXIF, not the file-date) is used for the thumbnail. However, if you place a image with the name "folder.jpg" in a folder, this "folder.jpg" is used to represent the thumbnail for that folder. The "folder.jpg" is not take in account as photo and as such not displayed as photo in a album.

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