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Before reaching out to us, review the FAQ, our Troubleshooting topic, and our GitHub issues page for an answer. If all else fails, reach out through Microsoft support. If you would like to ask about support for a new feature, use UserVoice

Use the guidelines below when reaching out with some common questions.

Deployment Failures

If your deployment fails send us:

  • Deployment Error
  • Correlation ID
How to find this info?
  1. Go to the resource group where you tried to install the resources via ARM template.
  2. Click on the deployments link.
  3. Click on the deployment that failed.
  4. Details and Correlation ID are highlighted.

Pipeline Failures

If your Azure Data Factory pipeline fails send us:

  • Error information
  • The RunID of the copy activity that failed
How to find this info?
  1. Click the View Activity Runs button.
  2. Provide us with the Error and the RunID of copy activities that failed.
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