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Advance SharePoint add-in model development

This GitHub repo houses all of the content for the "Advance SharePoint add-in model development" training, previously called as "Transforming SharePoint customizations to add-in model", but since the training is showing mainly advance add-in model scenarios and only one module concentrates on the actual transformation, package has been renamed.

Additional material folder contains additional reference material for the trainings, like example schedule and other relevant documents for your delivery.

Feel free to use this material anyway you want for self-study or for delivering trainings for others. You can also use bits and pieces of this material anyway you want with blogs, presentations and also re-use this material in any other training. Please give us also feedback and suggestions on the material, so that we can improve the base material also for others.

"Sharing is caring!"

Notice that we will keep on updating this material based on your input and work being done in the SharePoint Patterns and Practices initiative. You can provide us input directly using the SharePoint Dev group

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