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How to contribute to an article

Thank you for contributing to the VBA community! You can:

The content in the VBA repository is grouped first by product, then by topic. The file at the root of each topic directory specifies the structure of the articles within the topic.

Contribute using GitHub

Here you'll learn how to contribute to VBA documentation without having to clone the repo on your desktop. This is the quickest and easiest way to create a pull request in this repository. Use this method if you would like to make a minor change that doesn't involve code changes.

  1. Find the article you want to contribute to on GitHub. If the article is in MSDN, simply click the suggest and submit changes link in the Contribute to this content section and you'll be taken to the same article on GitHub.
  2. Once you are on the article in GitHub, sign in to GitHub (you can get a free account here).
  3. Click the pencil icon (Edit the file in your fork of this project) and make your changes in the <>Edit file window.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and enter a description.
  5. Click Propose file change, and then click Create pull request.

You have just submitted a pull request to have this topic changed.

Contribute using Git

You'll need to use the Git method if you are:

  • Contributing code.
  • Making changes that affect meaning.
  • Making large amounts of changes to text.

  1. If you don't have a GitHub account, you need to set one up at Join GitHub.
  2. After you have an account, you need a copy of Git on your computer. Follow the instructions in Setting up Git Tutorial.
  3. To submit a pull request using Git, follow the steps in Use GitHub, Git, and this repository.
  4. You will be asked to sign the Contributor's License Agreement.


How do I get a GitHub account?

Fill out the form at Join GitHub to open a free GitHub account.

Where do I get a Contributor's License Agreement?

You will automatically be sent a notice that you need to sign the Contributor's License Agreement (CLA) if your pull request requires one.

As a community member, you must sign the Contribution License Agreement (CLA) before you can contribute large submissions to this project, but you only need complete and submit the documentation once. Please carefully review the document; you may also need to have your employer sign the document.

What happens with my contributions?

When you submit your changes, our team will be notified immediately and will respond to your change request. You will receive notifications about your change request from GitHub; you may also be notified by someone from our team if we need more information. If your pull request is approved, we'll update the documentation on GitHub and on MSDN. We might make edits to your submission for style or clarity.

Who approves pull requests?

The Office developer documentation team approves pull requests. To contact us directly, email

Can I become an approver for this repository's GitHub pull requests?

Currently, we are not allowing external contributors to approve pull requests in this repository.

How soon will I get a response about my change request?

We try our best to respond as accurately and efficiently as possible. In most cases, we will respond to you within 10 business days.

How are code contributions verified?

We verify code using VB Editor.

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