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The content in the VBA repository is grouped first by product, then by topic. The file at the root of each topic directory specifies the structure of the articles within the topic.

For information about how to contribute to the VBA documentation, see

Download the VBA references

In addition to the online reference content for VBA, we also have offline copies for some of the products. Note that these offline CHMs represent a snapshot of the content as of 11/06/2015; for the latest updates, always view the content on GitHub or MSDN.

The VBA references available include:

To open the CHM file, double-click the file in Windows Explorer at the disk location where you last saved it.

Troubleshooting: If No Content is Shown When You Open the CHM file

Note: The CHM file must be on your local drive.

If the reading pane is empty when you select a node in the help file’s table of contents, do the following to resolve the issue:

  1. Close the CHM file.
  2. In Windows Explorer, right click the CHM file, and then click Properties.
  3. Click Unblock, and then click OK.
  4. Double-click the CHM file to open it.


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