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Icebreaker is an open-source app for Microsoft Teams that helps the whole team get closer by pairing members up every week at random to meet for coffee, burgers, pizza, or a walk around the block.
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Icebreaker App Template

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Many good things in life come about through happenstance. Icebreaker enables happenstance for your team. Icebreaker is a Teams bot that helps the whole team get closer by pairing up members every week at random to meet for coffee, burgers, pizza, or a walk around the block. The bot does the heavy lifting of finding a new person to meet with each week, and aids in scheduling the meetup.

Icebreaker works really well for cultivating small, interest-based communities within your organization. For example, an organization may leverage this bot for a DevOps interest group to help facilitate organic cross-pollination of ideas and best practices. Another common use case is new employees’ cohorts to help employees learn more about each other and assimilate better in the new environment.

Icebreaker in action

Legal notice

Please read the license terms applicable to this here. In addition to these terms, you agree to the following. You are responsible for complying with all privacy and security regulations, as well as all internal privacy and security policies of your company. You must also include your own privacy statement and terms of use for the app if you choose to deploy or share it broadly. Finally, please note that this application includes functionality to opt-in/opt-out of participation. Usage of this functionality is entirely your choice. Use and management of any personal data collected is your responsibility. Microsoft will not have any access to this data through this app.

Get started

Begin with the Solution overview to read about what the app does and how it works.

When you're ready to try out Icebreaker, or to use it in your own organization, follow the steps in the Deployment guide.


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