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Excel JavaScript API Open Specification

Applies to: Excel 2016, Excel Online, Excel for iOS, Excel for Mac

This page describes the new set of Excel JavaScript APIs that are planned for future releases. It consists of APIs that are in beta stage and others that are still in the design phase. Please review and provide your feedback. One of the best ways you can provide input is to open a new issue in GitHub using the links available below.

Note: The following features are still under design and review phase and not yet available as part of the product. The final design is subject to change. Once the feature is made available, the final specification will be published as part of the master repository.

Note: Any API that is listed as beta is not ready for production usage. They are made available so that developers can try them out in test and development environments. They are not meant to be used against production/business critical documents.

For the requirement sets that are marked as Beta, use the specified (or later) version of Office and use the Beta library of the CDN: Entries not listed as Beta are generally available and you can continue to use Production CDN library:

New APIs in Beta

Description coming soon...

Give us feedback!

We need it, you want to give it. Feedback is much easier to give now that we're on GitHub. Check out the docs and let us know your thoughts by submitting issues directly in this repository.

For API support, you can post questions to the community on StackOverflow and tag them with [office-js].