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Office Add-ins documentation

Welcome to the Office Add-ins documentation repo. In this repository, you can find the documentation source files for Office JavaScript API concepts, quick starts, tutorials, and how-to guides. For the best experience, we recommend you view this content on

Note: You can find the Office JavaScript API reference documentation source files in the office-js-docs-reference repository.

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The goal of the repo is to provide developer education on the platform's behavior. As such, issues should pertain to that educational content. Please submit an issue for the following scenarios:

  • Information needed to succeed in developing Office Add-ins is missing or incomplete.
  • Information is inaccurate or obsolete.
  • You find typos, grammatical mistakes, or other problems with the articles.
  • Articles are organized in a confusing or unintuitive manner.

If you are seeing product behavior that differs from the documentation, please provide as much of the following information as is possible and relevant:

  • The version and build number of the client you are using.
  • Steps to reproduce the issue.
  • Console output and error messages.

We also encourage you to fork, make the fix, and do a pull request of your proposed changes. For details, see Contribute to this documentation.

If your issue is not related to the Office Add-ins documentation, please post it to one of the following channels instead:


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