@mikewheaton mikewheaton released this Aug 23, 2016

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Breaking Changes

  • #766: The base font classes (e.g. .ms-font-m) no longer set the text color to neutral primary. To upgrade to this version of Fabric, you can add the .ms-fontColor-neutralPrimary class to every element with a .ms-font-[size] class in your project. For a simpler alternative, add the new .ms-Fabric wrapper to the <body> of your page (or around whatever section uses Fabric) to set the base type color to neutral primary.


  • #784: Added an .ms-Fabric wrapper component. This currently sets the text color to neutral primary, and in future releases will be used to set other foundational styles.
  • #782: We've added nearly 400 new icons! The icons page of our website has been updated with the new icon set. We've even added search functionality to help you find the icon you're looking for.


  • #781: There is now a documentation site included with Fabric Core. To view this, clone the project and run gulp watch to start a local server. You can then access the site from http://localhost:2020.