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Icons for Office UI Fabric React

Fabric Icons includes a collection of 1100+ icons which you can use in your application.

Getting started

If you are using Fabric React components, you can make all icons available by calling the initializeIcons function from the @uifabric/icons package:

import { initializeIcons } from '@uifabric/icons';

// Register icons and pull the fonts from the default SharePoint cdn.

// ...or, register icons and pull the fonts from your own cdn:

This will make ALL icons in the collection available, but will download them on demand when referenced using the @uifabric/styling APIs getIcon or getIconClassName.

Usage in code

getIcon API

If you are using Fabric React, you can use the Icon component and pass in the corresponding iconName property to render a given icon.

import { Icon } from 'office-ui-fabric-react/lib/Icon';

<Icon iconName="Snow" />;

The styling package includes a getIconClassName api which can provide a css class to use for rendering the icon manually using the :before pseudoselector:

import { getIconClassName } from '@uifabric/styling';

return `<i class="${getIconClassName('Snow')}" />`;


See Office UI Fabric React for more details on the UI Fabric project and packages within.

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