Manage user rights to access the lab and the machines
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Labadmin is a Django application created to manage user rights to access the lab and the machines.

In this Readme you can follow the tutorial to set it up on a PC or Raspberry Pi. If you go in the Client folder you'll be able to access the different clients you can use with Labadmin


If you are going to deploy labAdmin from scratch on a new Django installation you have two choices:

Upgrade to a newer release

Before upgrading please read the release notes posted for each release on github. They may contain changes you have to do on your Django project configuration.

First we are installing the latest release from github:

cd /var/www/labadmin/labadmin
sudo -H -u labadmin ../venv/bin/pip install <url of labadmin release from>

After that you'll have to do any project settings update as described in the release notes.

Then you have to execute any eventual data migration with the migrate command and update the static files with collectstatic:

sudo -H -u labadmin ../venv/bin/python migrate
sudo -H -u labadmin ../venv/bin/python collectstatic

As a last step you have to restart the labadmin service to load the new code:

sudo service labadmin restart


The optional MQTT integration has the following settings overridable in

    'HOSTNAME': 'localhost',
    'PORT': 1883,
    'AUTH': None,
    'TLS': None,
    'PROTOCOL': MQTTv311,
    'TRANSPORT': 'tcp',

# Should we publish on MQTT each entrance

# The MQTT topic where to publish
LABADMIN_MQTT_ENTRANCE_TOPIC = 'labadmin/entrance'

See Paho MQTT documentation for LABADMIN_MQTT_CONFIG values.