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A place to store all the code and information for the RuralHack Workshop
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A place to store all the code and information for the RuralHack experimentations held during several workshops held since summer 2016 in Italy and Mediterranean Areas by the then-called Officine Arduino (now Officine Innesto) and then called Ruralhub, now migrated itself in Ruralhack.

Ruralhack is now purchasable for Italian Public Administration through MEPA

Structure of the Repository

You can see two main folders. In the /exercises you can find basic examples of use of several sensors used in the workshop, while in the /libraries folder some of the main libraries used are hosted. Unfortunately some of them have a intense development so we strongly advice you to download them - where possible - from the Arduino Library Manager if using Arduino Java IDE.

The Kit

The list of components used in the workshop is a kit on sale on the Arduino Store.

The Kit (designed to be used with a Arduino MKR board), while most of the code you'll find here is tested on Arduino MKR 1000 and Arduino MKR 1010 features:

RuralHack Kit

The workshop

We've done this workshop several times in the last two years.

The main aim of a this workshop is giving people access to new technologies. We have released all the teaching material for you to toy around the kit indipendently.

Most codes are not by us, in some cases adaptations of somebodyelse's code and projects, we tried to create diagrams of some specific setups using Fritzing. Most of the Workshop notes are in the /presentation-materials folder

The basic idea behind the workshop was create some sort of automatization inside of a rural scenario, with wifi connectivity and not a large area to look after. We started little to grow big.

1st RuralHack Workshop back in 2016

1st RuralHack Workshop back in 2016

Ruralhack @ Calvanico 2018

Ruralhack @ Calvanico 2018

Muse Workshop 2018

Muse Workshop

(Watch the entire Flickr Ambum of the first RuralHack by Ruralhub) or the latest one of November 2018 at Muse Museum of Trento, Italy

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