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Self Diagnostics

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Launcher & Client logs

The launcher, 1.7.10 and 1.8.9 save their logs into the same log file which can be accessed by using the SHOW LOGS button on the ABOUT page in the launcher

(Note: Log saving requires the launcher to stay open or hidden)

Installation issues

Make sure that you have at least 300MB available on your main system drive

In addition, feel free to visit our OS Compatibility page for specific notes for your operating system

Login issues

If you're unable to login, make sure that:

  • Online multiplayer is enabled in your Xbox privacy settings
  • Your firewall isn't blocking the Offline CheatBreaker launcher

Launching issues

If you're getting a There was an error trying to launch the client message or clicking the launch button doesn't do anything, make sure that:

  • You have at least 300MB available on your main system drive
  • (Windows only) Your network connection is configured as a Home/Private network and not a Public network
  • Your firewall isn't blocking the Offline CheatBreaker launcher
  • You have a stable internet connection
  • Your system time and date are configured correctly

Crashes on launch

Crashes on startup can be caused due to usage of incompatible shaders (Any shaders that support Minecraft 1.9+ will crash Offline CheatBreaker 1.8.9 due to incompatible textures)

Crashes while playing

Crashes while playing can be caused by a couple of reasons:

  • You need to allocate more RAM in the launcher's SETTINGS page
  • The server you're playing on has a faulty configuration


If you're experiencing lagspikes, turning on the following settings may help you remove/reduce them:

  • Smooth FPS
  • Smooth World
  • Dynamic Updates

Under Video Settings -> Performance

  • Lazy Chunk Loading

Under the CheatBreaker Performance settings

1.7.10 specific issue

If you're using Intel integrated graphics and getting a glitched in game UI which also shows up on Vanilla 1.7.10, downgrade your graphics drivers to a version from early-mid 2021

Version has been tested & verified to be working properly by multiple users (This driver version supports Intel 6th-11th gen CPUs)

1.8.9 specific issues

  • The Connected Textures setting doesn’t work at the moment
  • Server quick connect and Connect with CheatBreaker don’t work at the moment


If cosmetics don't show up, make sure that:

  • You aren't playing on a cracked Minecraft server
  • You have capes enabled under Skin Customization/Multiplayer Settings and under Video Settings -> Details
  • You have Wings enabled in the CheatBreaker settings menu (right shift) - This setting is only available on 1.8.9
  • Your firewall isn't blocking CB

Side Mouse Buttons

To be able to use your side mouse buttons on Offline CheatBreaker, you'll need to remap them to keyboard keys using the software that came with your mouse or with another app:




Borderless Fullscreen

Since Offline CheatBreaker doesn’t have custom fullscreen options at the moment, Windows players who want to be able to tab out of the game without disabling fullscreen will need to use a third party app, like
Borderless Gaming

Surround Sound on Windows

If you have issues with surround sound not working try these steps:

  • Create a alsoft.ini file in %appdata%
  • Paste this into it:

Then restart Offline CheatBreaker and surround sound should work