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imapfw is a simple and powerful framework to work with mails.

Also, it comes as a replacement to the OfflineIMAP syncer. Check out the official website to get last news (RSS) about imapfw. Also, we have room at Gitter for more instant chatting.

Author Nicolas Sebrecht
License The MIT License (MIT)
Status Work In Progress
  • Build Status: "master" branch (master)
  • (master)
  • Coverage Status (master)
  • Build Status: "next" branch (next)
  • "next" branch (next)
  • Coverage Status "next" branch (next)




As a framework, imapfw allows you to take control on what gets done:

  • Embedded actions (softwares) requiring to write few to no Python code at all.
  • For more control, a dedicated API allows to redefine the key parts of the frame in one file (called the rascal).
  • Finally, most experienced users might rather directly import one or more modules and use them to write full softwares, using the framework as a "master-library": imapfw is written with separation of concerns in mind.

The choice of the level of control is left to the user.

All batteries included

The framework is intended to provide everything is needed. If any key library is missing, it's welcome to make requests.


imapfw provides nice embedded actions. They can be used like any other software sharing the same purpose.


Mainly relying on UIDs greatly helps to be fast.

Also, imapfw is designed to be fully concurrent. It even let the choice of the concurrency backend (multiprocessing or threading, for now). To take real advantage of this, implementation is made asynchronous almost everywhere.

Good documentation

Providing good documentation is a concern.


  • Testing the framework is done with both static and dynamic testing. Each is used where it's the most relevant:

    • low-level code and modules have unit tests;
    • features like actions have black box tests.
  • Continous intergration is done with Travis CI.

  • The project is developed with a proven release cycle and release candidates.


In order to offer the best, imapfw relies on the latest Python 3 technologies. It uses the most usefull of what Python 3 provides.


  • Python 3 (starting from v3.3)
  • typing (for Python < 3.5)


imapfw is WORK IN PROGRESS. Running imapfw should not hurt but all the features are not yet implemented. This is still early stage of development.

Last WIP is in the next branch. Also, you might like to read our CONTRIBUTING page and check the TODO list online.


Please, support the efforts! Staring the project at github is a good start. Reviews, feedbacks and pull requests are welcome, too. ,-)

Side note: I'm convinced that sooner is better when it's about reviews and feedbacks. Once features you need will be implemented, it might be harder to get things improved or take more time to get imapfw to fit your needs.


Channel of all the screencasts.

Introduce imapfw syncAccounts