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.. currentmodule:: offlineimap

:mod:`offlineimap's` API documentation

Within :mod:`offlineimap`, the classes :class:`OfflineImap` provides the high-level functionality. The rest of the classes should usually not needed to be touched by the user. Email repositories are represented by a :class:`offlineimap.repository.Base.BaseRepository` or derivatives (see :mod:`offlineimap.repository` for details). A folder within a repository is represented by a :class:`offlineimap.folder.Base.BaseFolder` or any derivative from :mod:`offlineimap.folder`.

This page contains the main API overview of OfflineImap |release|.

OfflineImap can be imported as:

from offlineimap import OfflineImap

:mod:`offlineimap` -- The OfflineImap module

.. module:: offlineimap

.. autoclass:: offlineimap.OfflineImap(cmdline_opts = None)


An :class:`accounts.Account` connects two email repositories that are to be synced. It comes in two flavors, normal and syncable.

.. autoclass:: offlineimap.accounts.Account

.. autoclass:: offlineimap.accounts.SyncableAccount

   .. autodata:: ui

      Contains the current :mod:`offlineimap.ui`, and can be used for logging etc.

:exc:`OfflineImapError` -- A Notmuch execution error

.. autoexception:: offlineimap.error.OfflineImapError

   This exception inherits directly from :exc:`Exception` and is raised
   on errors during the offlineimap execution. It has an attribute
   `severity` that denotes the severity level of the error.

:mod:`offlineimap.globals` -- module with global variables

Module offlineimap.globals provides the read-only storage for the global variables.

All exported module attributes can be set manually, but this practice is highly discouraged and shouldn't be used. However, attributes of all stored variables can only be read, write access to them is denied.

Currently, we have only :attr:`options` attribute that holds command-line options as returned by OptionParser. The value of :attr:`options` must be set by :func:`set_options` prior to its first use.

.. automodule:: offlineimap.globals

   .. data:: options

      You can access the values of stored options using the usual
      syntax, offlineimap.globals.options.<option-name>
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