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.. currentmodule:: offlineimap.repository

:mod:`offlineimap.repository` -- Email repositories

A derivative of class :class:`Base.BaseRepository` represents an email repository depending on the type of storage, possible options are:

Which class you need depends on your account configuration. The helper class :class:`offlineimap.repository.Repository` is an autoloader, that returns the correct class depending on your configuration. So when you want to instanciate a new :mod:`offlineimap.repository`, you will mostly do it through this class.

.. autoclass:: offlineimap.repository.Repository

:mod:`offlineimap.repository.Base.BaseRepository` -- Representation of a mail repository

.. autoclass:: offlineimap.repository.Base.BaseRepository

.. autoclass:: offlineimap.repository.IMAPRepository
.. autoclass:: offlineimap.repository.MappedIMAPRepository
.. autoclass:: offlineimap.repository.GmailRepository
.. autoclass:: offlineimap.repository.MaildirRepository
.. autoclass:: offlineimap.repository.LocalStatusRepository

:mod:`offlineimap.folder` -- Basic representation of a local or remote Mail folder

.. autoclass:: offlineimap.folder.Base.BaseFolder