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Smart Text Editor

Smart Text Editor

The text editor that requires only a browser and a keyboard!

This is a project that I am working on in my free time, and it has turned into something really useful! I have started to implement features similar to that of a Progressive Web App, so it can be opened/used through the browser like most websites, or as close to a normal desktop/smartphone/tablet app as possible! I personally find the idea super interesting, so I will continue to learn more about it.

How to Use

This project can be opened with GitHub Pages, as well as installed to your device's desktop, app drawer, toolbar, or home screen!

A note ahead of time: If you are using Grammarly or another text editing-focused extension on lower-end hardware, I have run into performance issues when editing large files with Smart Text Editor, so I recommend disabling it for use with Smart Text Editor if it isn't necessary for your task at hand (If you aren't writing an essay or something with normal grammar/spelling). However, this is just for performance concerns, so if your device can handle it, it is perfectly fine to leave such extensions enabled!

Open Smart Text Editor with GitHub Pages

A list of instructions to add a shortcut for Smart Text Editor to your device can be found below:

Google Chrome on Windows and Chrome OS

  1. Open Smart Text Editor from the link above in Google Chrome
  2. Click the plus button located on the right side of the Chrome address bar input field at the top of the browser window
  3. Select "Install" from the option menu
  4. A shortcut should now be present on your desktop, start menu, or app drawer!

Safari on iOS and iPadOS

  1. Open Smart Text Editor from the link above in Safari
  2. Tap the share button with the arrow pointing up, located in the...
  • iOS: Bottom of the screen on the toolbar
  • iPadOS: Top-right of the screen on the toolbar
  1. Scroll down to the "Add to Home Screen" option, then tap it
  2. (Optional) Decide if you would like to choose a custom name for the shortcut on your iOS/iPadOS device's home screen by changing the name input box, or leaving it as the default name
  3. A shortcut should now be present on your home screen!

Google Chrome on Android

  • I am not able to try this process out myself as I don't have an Android device to test it on, but I have added support for this if you would like to try it out! Any feedback on this would be helpful!

Thanks for checking out Smart Text Editor!

This is a very fun project to work on, and I can't wait to see what it grows into as the development moves along!