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BetterCrewLink (v2.9.7)

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@OhMyGuus OhMyGuus released this 02 Apr 02:26
· 116 commits to nightly since this release

Version: v2.9.7



For more questions/help you can join our Discord server:

Changes Logs


  • Fixed support for v2022.3.29
  • Fixed lobby browser
  • Optimized render issues (thanks to @JKohlman)
  • Fixed overlapping hats (thanks to @JKohlman)
  • Fixed support for v2021.12.15 (2.9.6)

If you find a issue please just report on Discord server or GitHub or DM me on Discord (ThaGuus#2140) so we can fix it. If we don't know the bug we won't fix it


To install it on Linux go to the installation guide for Linux by clicking here.


  • This is an unofficial fork of CrewLink, for any problem, question, issue or suggestion you have with BetterCrewLink talk to us on our Discord, GitHub or message the developer on Discord (ThaGuus#2140), do not report any problems to The official Discord or GitHub of normal and official CrewLink as they will not help you.

  • We are not affiliated with CrewLink, we are just a modified/better version of the original CrewLink, so if you need help with CrewLink, we will not offer any help for you about CrewLink here, we will only help you if you are using BetterCrewLink, if you want to download BetterCrewLink look at the GitHub.

The original/normal CrewLink is now discontinued and that means the original/normal CrewLink will never be updated and will never work again, so BetterCrewLink is the only way to make your CrewLink works

CrewLink has been discontinued

This mod is not affiliated with Among Us or Innersloth LLC, and the content contained therein is not endorsed or otherwise sponsored by Innersloth LLC. Portions of the materials contained herein are property of Innersloth LLC.

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