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The front-end build of Ohana.
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Kaiaulu is the front-end application for hale and apart of OhanaOSS, together they're helping make privacy for families more accessible as a distributed social network.

This application is in Alpha as we expand into the various features already built out in the latest major release of OhanaOSS hale.

How To Deploy

This project uses Facebook's Create-React-App as a baseplate and has extensive docs on deploying just about anywhere. This application is designed as a standalone "portal" that connects to hale servers. This application connects to hale servers by storing a base url directed to where your server is located (i.e.

Terms of use

This is free software, view the License for specifics.

Contribution Guidelines

Currently, any help is appreciated! If you have a question or bug submission, please open an issue.

If you'd like to contribute code, open up an open an issue or claim an existing enhancement or bug. In time, "help wanted" and "good first issue" issues will become available as I have time to parse features; These all serve as first-come, first-serve, however if you claim an issue and are absent or disappear your claimed issue may be assigned to another contributor.

Road Map

Next Release

  1. Directory views and profiles for users
  2. Local Storage of tokens and cookies to avoid sign in fatigue
  3. Expand Test Suite

Following Releases

  1. Recipes
  2. Events
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