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This is the live copy of Marlin I run on my personal printers, with my own mods plus code for MakersToolWorks printers, and configured for my own preferences.

Some of the mods I have done:

  • Status info GLCD screen for DOGM LCDs
    • display Z coordinates to hundreds, not just tenths
    • display SD print progress percentage numerically, not just with the bar.
    • display endstop state by toggling capitalization of X,Y,Z labels in the coordinate line
    • display 0% instead of --- when fan is off.
    • display long filename when printing from SD instead of short 8.3 filename
  • Makers Tool Works LED controller
    • send events to the MTW LED controller introduced with the MendelMax 3 to display printer status. See bottom of Configuration.h
  • Fan control enhancements
    • Added a Fan Limit feature to constrain max fan speed using a panel menu item
    • Added Fan Ramping, to slowly spin up fan. Intended to avoid shocking PID to prevent temp drops when activating fan.
  • I added a custom 'OhmEye' menu at the top level
    • Purge Extruder does a short extrude
    • Select SD File to preselect a file on SD card without printing immediately
    • Print Selected file immediately begins printing preselected file
    • Move Z to 0 does exactly that
    • Preheat Bed does exactly that
    • Preheat PLA activates the current PLA profile
    • Preheat ABS activates the current ABS profile
    • Move Z allows manually moving Z axis in 1mm increments
    • Flow Rate sets the extrusion multiplier for extruder 0, default is 100%
    • Max Fan sets the maximum fan speed. Any command to spin the fan higher than this value will reduce to this value
    • Set XYZ to Zero makes the current physical position 0,0,0
    • Set Z=Z+10 increases the coordinates of Z by 10 for each press. This is handy if I want to move Z below zero for some reason.
    • Home Z Axis does exactly that, for Z only
    • Home XY Axis does exactly that, for XY only. Probably commented out because I usually have XY endstops disabled.
    • Zero SD Position moves the printing position in the currently selected file to the beginning
    • Motors/Fans Off turns off fans and disables steppers but does not change heaters
    • All Off turns off heaters, fans and steppers
  • Other stuff
    • I commented out the Contrast menu because it does nothing on any RRD style GLCD panel as far as I know

Things to be aware of about my configuration if you plan to use my version on your printer:

  • I may have FWRETRACT enabled in Configuration_adv.h
  • I probably have the X and Y endstop pins disabled in the board files for RAMBO and RAMPS
  • I probably have the MTWLED stuff enabled
  • Even if you have a MendleMax3, my esteps value is probably way wrong for your printer
  • I have the kill pin disabled for my board configs
  • I have the beeper disabled for my board configs
  • I have my XY jerk set higher than most people use

Marlin 3D Printer Firmware Wiki Page

Quick Information

This is a firmware for reprap single-processor electronics setups. It also works on the Ultimaker PCB. It supports printing from SD card+Folders, and look-ahead trajectory planning. This firmware is a mashup between Sprinter, grbl and many original parts.

Current Status: Bug Fixing

The Marlin development is currently revived. There's a long list of reported issues and pull requests, which we are working on currently. We are actively looking for testers. So please try the current development version and report new issues and feedback.

Coverity Scan Build Status Travis Build Status

What bugs are we working on: Bug Fixing Round 2


IRC: #marlin-firmware @freenode (WebChat Client, Archive)

Mailing List: (Subscribe, Archive)


The current Marlin dev team consists of:

Sprinters lead developers are Kliment and caru. Grbls lead developer is Simen Svale Skogsrud. Sonney Jeon (Chamnit) improved some parts of grbl A fork by bkubicek for the Ultimaker was merged.

More features have been added by:

  • Lampmaker,
  • Bradley Feldman,
  • and others...


Marlin is published unde the GPL license because I believe in open development. Please do not use this code in products (3D printers, CNC etc) that are closed source or are crippled by a patent.

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