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AdventureEdit is a 2D sprite-based editor I'm writing for a game I'm working on. The game in question doesn't use tiles, just sprites, so I tried the GLEE2D editor. Unfortunately it generates very bulky XML files, and lacks something akin to Ogmo's entity system. To me, AdventureEdit is a clone of Ogmo Editor (in terms of functionality) adapted to sprite-based games. It combines Ogmo's entity system with a quick and intuitive image system. The UI is also very similar to Ogmo's.

Should you use this?

Use at your own risk. I'm now working on my game so I won't be working on this for a while, so it'll be in an unfinished state for a months or two. The UI, while generally mimicking Ogmo Editor, differs in many places. It might also sometimes be unintuitive. Furthermore, AdventureEdit is pretty young so bugs are to be expected. I will soon provide Windows and maybe even Linux binaries, but you can easily compile the project yourself for Windows, Linux, and Mac targets. Compilation requires the dev version of flixel, flixel-ui, and flixel-addons, as well as systools.


  • Fix entity property window rendering

Features that may be added in the future

  • Add node tool
  • Remove node tool
  • Sprite scaling
  • Sprite color tinting
  • Set sprite origin
  • Roatate sprite
  • Flip sprite vertically and/or horizontally

Keyboard shortcuts

Name Keys
Add tool 1
Remove tool 2
Select tool 3
Move tool 4
Resize tool 5
Add Entity tool 6
Edit level properties Ctrl+l
New level Ctrl+n
Open level Ctrl+o
Save level Ctrl+s
Save level as Ctrl+Shift+s
Close level Ctrl+w
Undo Ctrl+z
Redo Ctrl+y
Cut Ctrl+x
Copy Ctrl+c
Paste Ctrl+v
Select all Ctrl+a
Deselect all Ctrl+d
Toggle grid Ctrl+g
Center view Ctrl+Tab
Move view Hold spacebar + move mouse
Zoom in Mouse wheel
Zoom out Mouse wheel


Sprite-based 2D level editor



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