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Carbon Footprint for Google Maps

A browser extension that displays carbon footprint information in multiple map services.

Downloading and Using the Latest Stable Version

To download and install the extension to your favorite browser, visit Carbon Footprint's page in your browser's extension/add-on gallery/store:

Building and Using Beta Versions

  • clone this repository

  • run npm install

  • run gulp group or gulp groupFirefox or gulp groupChrome or gulp groupSafari or gulp groupWebext

  • add flag --debug to keep all debug statements and comments.

  • for chrome, load the unpacked extension from the Build/Chrome folder

  • for firefox, run jpm runFirefox and use the -b flag to point to a non extension verifying version of Firefox like the Developer Edition

  • for WebExtension, run web-ext run -f firefoxdeveloperedition to use this extension in Firefox(Developer Edition).

  • for safari, load folder with extension .safariextension into Extension Builder Develop -> Show Extension Builder. To show Develop menu go to Safari -> Preferences -> Advanced. Change extension metadata as required from the Extension Builder. To package the extension for distribution, get an extension certificate from Apple.


  • GNU-GPL-3.0

  • CC-By-NC-ND License


If you would like to contribute to the development of this extension, please contact the developers.

  • Google Summer of Code grants are available every year. If you would like to apply, it is never too early to contact us.


A Google Chrome browser extension that displays carbon footprint information in Google Maps.



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