Ue 4 .19 3d Turtle Simulator game
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Blueprint & C++

Ue4.19 --- Must be 4.19.2 for ocean plugin

3D Turtle Simulator Game


  1. Download Unreal engine: https://www.unrealengine.com

  2. Download Version UE4.19 from the launcher

  3. Clone this repo -- Uasset files are stored using Git lfs

  4. Right click TRTL_Simulator.uproject and select Switch Unreal engine version.  set to 4.19.2

  5. Open Trtl_simulator  

  6. Click YES to load 'Loading Screen plugin' 

Unreal engine should start to build your project.

Video Documentation

Video walkthrough of the project

Screenshots and In-Depth Walkthrough


Plugins (included in repo)

Community Ocean Plugin

Loading bar Plugin

Current Mechanix:

Single player

Walk / Swim

Level up

  by eating both plants and animals smaller than you 

   Increase in size with each lvl up


  --with "loot" - EXP




  -- Over eaten -- Purple bar


  -- sleep to increase health and increase hunger


  - find blue rings to initiate a race with timer -- race doesn't respawn if you fail

Day and night cycle


  - Food eaten, Days survived


  - Created a streaming box for the fish. When player is in x distance spawn or de-spawn fish
  - Drag streaming box into project and select the fish you want to appear in that area and the quantity
  - Fish do not adhere to landscape collisions - they go through walls


  - Crab ai chases player
  - shark ai does nothing -- Bug teleports player to random area on map -- probably not random


  -  Talk to npc
  -  Removed missions from NPC

Pause Menu

        - Map
        - Stats
        - Controls - not updated

Contact: Trtl.simulator@gmail.com