Where/how to mine the Opioid (OID) coin
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Where/how to mine the Opioid (OID) coin


If you plan on solo mining OID, it is recommended sending 10% per block as per our Code of Conduct. Remember 10% of each block reward is deamed as a cause fee. Out of 10%, 5% goes toward our treatment partners and 5% toward our team.


We recommend you mine at any of these available pool(s) as the 10% fee comes out automatically. If you plan on setting up your own pool, please go to -> https://github.com/OidLife/Pools.

Current Release has 0 tx fees; however please respect our Code of Conduct when solo mining or from a pool.

-> Block reward split 90/10 (90 to miner/ 10 to OID)
Example: When you earn 500 OID, 10% needs to go to -> DGGEUnSihQcM2RKv5a7vujJjJkCYEzgXkY

Listed Pool(s)

(You may submit your pool info to us by going to -> https://oid.life/submitMyPool. Please adhere to our Code of Conduct when running a pool. Find the Code of Conduct -> https://github.com/OidLife/Conduct.)

website stats -> https://oidpool.com

Stratum Pool ports (point your miner to):

oidminingpool.com:3008 8 dif
oidminingpool.com:3032 32 dif
oidminingpool.com:3256 256 dif

OID wallet address is how you get your block rewards.

Your OID wallet address is your worker name -> oid_wallet_address

Note: Do not format as DPpyxuy6eJVyDaHJAcbEnJwNZtRVdPMdgn.Rig1

Use -> E.g DPpyxuy6eJVyDaHJAcbEnJwNZtRVdPMdgn

P: x single digit

More about mining

It's very important to understand that we take NO RESPONSIBILITY of mining, software and/or hardware etc. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Mining Programs

Awesome Miner (We recommend this software)

Getting Started -> https://www.awesomeminer.com/help/start.aspx
Windows download -> https://www.awesomeminer.com/download/setup/AwesomeMiner.msi


V - 4.2.1 (Windows)


latest release (Windows)




cgminer - 3.7.2 Latest version with GPU support (any version beyond only supports ASIC mining)


Thank you,
OID Team