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An Arduino-based boxing glove dryer.
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This project uses an Arduino Uno to read relative humidity from two sensors; one inside a glove and another outside the glove. Based on the difference of the two values, it runs a number of PC fans to move wetter air out of the gloves and drier air into the gloves.

Basic Operation

  1. Check relative humidity (RH) at both sensors
  2. Start a running average (RA) of the difference between the two to correlate*
  3. If the correlated values differ by >= 3%, turn on fans for 30 minutes
  4. Recheck humidity.


  • Switch FANCONTINUOUS to use millis instead of delay (decided against FANCONTINUOUS)
  • Have fan-to-PVC pipe bracket printed 3D
  • Enable power-save for Arduino (June 1, 2017: removed power-saving code)
  • Put LCD on PWM pin and power up/down as needed (removed LCD)
  • Utilize IfSerial
  • Power Arduino with PowerBoost 1000 Charger (used OKI-78SR with 12v wall plug)
  • Have Arduino case and pipe-supports printed 3D (test print proved the box would be prohibitively expensive. Pipe supports work great)
  • Complete box (using old moo card box Used plastic box from Muji)
  • Final assembly of fan posts
  • Add a momentary switch for manual correlation (added a toggle switch + timer to manually run dryer)
  • Consider ways to re-correlate after a period of time (maybe after X cycles of fanoff?)
  • Update schematics!!

*I am using two DHT11 humidity sensors and they tend to be roughly 2 percentage points off from one another, so I do a series of tests to see what the difference is between the two then apply that value to create a correlated value to compensate for the difference.

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