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The ultimate solution for con(vention) artists. Keep records of sales and inventory, stay up to date with the latest event information, and see what your fellow artists have to say, all in one handy app!


  • Inventory management
    • Keep track of how many of each item you have left
    • Split items up into groups for easy organization
    • Automatically tracks sold items as you sell them
  • Sales tracking
    • Keep track of how many of each item you sold, and for how much
    • Make notes on individual sales to record anything special
  • Expense tracking
    • Record all your expenses for the convention
  • Find conventions
    • Search through the list of available conventions, and save the ones you will be attending
    • All useful information about each convention kept in one place
  • Statistics
    • Compare your performance across conventions
    • Cool graphs!
  • Data import/export
    • Existing spreadsheets of inventory data can be easily imported
    • Export inventory and sales data for your own further processing
  • Offline mode
    • Works even if you don't have internet access in the convention center (just make sure you load everything up before you get there!)

Future features

  • More statistics
    • Compare your performance to other artists
    • Even more cool graphs!
  • Con chat
    • Chat with other artists at the same convention (please be civil)
  • Advanced categorization
    • Add tags to items so you can search and filter in more complex ways!
    • Item sets, using the individual items' inventories, but sold as one item


Any assistance is welcome. Feel free to tackle any of the TODOs that are in the code, or pick a bigger task off the project boards.

Setup instructions for each component are included in their respective directories.