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Welcome to TheQube

MIT License

TheQube is an accessible social networking client developed mainly for the blind and visually impaired users. © Original idea and code by Christopher Toth
© Main fork implementation and various new features and bugfixes by Quartizer projects
© Currently developed and maintained by Andre Polykanine and TheQube Contributors.

Running TheQube from source

This document describes how to run TheQube from source and how to build a binary version.


To be able to build TheQube you need to install a few programs first. Most of them are included in the dependencies directory in the root of this repo. The only exception is Python. Download and install Python 2.7 32-bit. Be sure to add Python directory to your path during installation.

Dependencies included in the dependencies directory

Dependencies installed with pip

The rest of the needed packages could be installed with Python package manager called pip. Before using it is a good idea to update pip to the latest version with the following two commands:

python -m pip install --upgrade pip
python -m pip install --upgrade setuptools

To make installation easier, all required packages are listed in the text file called requirements.txt. To install them move to the root directory of this repo, make sure that Python and Git are in your path and execute the following command:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Running TheQube

When all of the above mentioned packages are installed, you can finally start TheQube. Move to the src directory of this repo and execute:

python main.pyw

Alternatively you can start TheQube by simply pressing Enter on the main.pyw file as long as Pythonw is associated with .pyw files.

Building a Binary Version

A binary version doesn’t need Python nor other dependencies to run. To build it you need to install Py2exe included in the dependencies directory and two more packages with Pip by executing the following commands:

pip install packaging
pip install appdirs

After that, from the src directory execute:

python py2exe

You will find the binaries in the dist directory.


Accessible multi-session social networking client written primarily for the blind but used by anyone.



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