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SFSLITE is deprecated. No more development will be taking place. Thank you for contributing!




  • Based on David Mazieres's SFS (see

  • Build requires GMP version 4 or higher

If from SVN, then you need the GNU autotool suite, with libtool/libtoolize:

	$ sh -x setup.gnu -f -i -s
	$ ./configure
	$ gmake
	$ gmake install

If from a release tarball, then just:

	$ ./configure
	$ gmake
	$ gmake install

This will install with the default build options: -O2 with static linkage, and no dmalloc support. Different build options accessed like:

	$ ./configure --with-mode=shdbg

etc, where the modes are:

	shdbg:	shared build, with dmalloc support, no compiler optimization
	shared: shared build, no compiler optimization
	shopt:	shared build, -O2
	debug:  static build, with dmalloc support, no compiler optimization
	deflt:	static build, -O2, no dmalloc

This library was also available as a port for FreeBSD, but I fell behind and had trouble navigating the Ports bureaucracy. If you depend on the FreeBSD port and would like to help me out, please drop me a line.

Max Krohn (first name AT okws DOT org)