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tame is a generic tool for simplifying asynchronous programming with the sfslite library. It is the foundation for the OK Web Server but also useful for any other sfslite based application. It is available under the sfslite distribution. tame is a simple C++-level rewriter. Input files look a lot like regular C++ files, with some small modifications. Output files are standard C++ files that are then compiled and linked against the libasync libraries to produce your library or application.


The following paper has been accepted to Usenix Annual Technical Conference, 2007:

  • Events Can Make Sense. Max Krohn, Eddie Kohler and M. Frans Kaashoek, in USENIX 2007. [ ps | ps.gz | pdf ]

Online Documentation

Related Work

Eddie Kohler has written a version of the tame abstractions, called tamer.


  • Max Krohn
  • Eddie Kohler
  • Frans Kaashoek
  • David Mazieres
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